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If you would like more information on our solar or electrical services or for a quote, you can contact us here.

We are an experienced Solar and Electrical company based in Sydney. We pride ourselves on our commitment to you and to our work.

  • Our Experience
    • A collective 22 years of experience
    • Fully qualified and competent electricians
  • Our service area
    • Having new and ongoing relationships with national clients encourages Splice Elec to cover a larger than usual service area, including:
      • NSW
      • ACT
      • Victoria
  • We specialise in
    • Domestic fitouts, maintenance and repair
    • Commercial fitouts, shopfronts, warehouses, offices and alike
    • Solar PV systems of all sizes
    • Data and networking services, including fibre optic services Metering (ASP correspondence)
  • Our Goals
    • Constantly learn and adapt to the electrical industry's new technologies
    • Deliver the highest standard of electrical work
    • Execute the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction
    • Build and maintain long term working relationships with like-minded clients
    • To pass on knowledge and skills to hard working apprentices in order to grow our workforce in a controlled environment
  • Installation to service
    • Splice Elec will guide you through the maze of paperwork and approvals
    • Scheduling the work
    • Carrying out the work on time, to the highest standard
    • Submitting all relevant paperwork to the local authorities concerned
    • Testing and commissioning the works upon completion
    • Accounting for all warranties and certifications concerned

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